Grand Opening of Ohana Cupcakes!

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Aloha, Welcome to Ohana Cupcakes!  We are so excited to finally open our doors.  There has been a lot of hard work from many different people and you can see the love that was put into the store when you walk through it… the place is beautiful!  From the amazing floors that have waves and spirals in many colors and actually guide you through to the different stations… to the state of the art kitchen.  Don’t worry we installed a window so you can watch all the bakers create your favorite flavor cupcake while you sit and enjoy eating it.
If you haven’t heard the buzz around town about Ohana Cupcakes opening in Oceanside yet, let me tell you a little of who and what we are.  We are not your ordinary cupcake shop.  We are an experience… we are fun for the whole family… we are what you have dreamed about!  Yes, we do have regular cupcakes that you can walk in and purchase.  You can choose to sit and eat them in our lounge area with a cup of Kona coffee or ice cream or get a dozen and take them to share with your friends.  BUT… there is more!
We also have Ohana Express… this is where you can come in and request the exact cupcake that you have always wanted.  You start with a “Naked Cupcake” and then can select your filling, frosting and toppings… and there are A LOT of toppings to choose from!
Ever dream of being a baker and want to make the cupcakes from scratch or love baking but don’t love the mess?  Then Create, Bake and take is for you.  We will get you all suited up in a chef hat and Ohana Cupcakes apron and give you everything to make your own cupcakes.  You pick your favorite frosting and sprinkles and when they are done cooking we will give you everything you need to decorate your creations.
I saved the best for last… the Party room.  Want to share all this fun with your friends, celebrate your birthday with us or come in and play after a big game with your team mates?  Then our party room is what you are looking for.  From the huge candy wall as you walk in to the Hawaiian mural and big screen TV there is nothing but FUN to be had!

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