Create, Bake, Take

You become the baker and mix, decorate and take home your very own cupcakes.

Create, Bake, Take

Enjoy the full Ohana Experience




You order the type of cupcakes you wish to make and the flavor frosting… then follow the ocean swirl passed the open kitchen to the pick up station. There you receive your tray. Next, you receive a chef’s hat and apron and sit down to mix your ingredients at the mixing bar.
Once mixed, the bowl is passed to a Ohana team member and you watch as they pour the mix into the baking machine. Voila, in 8 -10 minutes your cupcakes will be ready to decorate.


While you wait, you can mosey through the retail section, purchase cupcake items, or candy of your choice. You will go to Megan’s counter where you will receive a cupcake and glass of milk (included in the package) while you relax and enjoy the surroundings. When your cupcake is ready, take the baked cupcakes from the mixing to the decorating station.


Once you get your baked cupcakes, you will then decorate, add the toppings, and then receive a special bag to bring the masterpieces home.
What a great memory!


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