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Pre-made cupcakes, Kona coffee and shave ice to sit and enjoy or take to your office, family and friends.

Everyday Cupcakes

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This white cupcake with sprinkles throughout topped with a buttercream frosting is sure to be a party in every bite.



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Light and fluffy vanilla cupcake topped with a vanilla bean buttercream.  Sure to bring a smile to any cupcake lovers face.



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This cupcake will take you straight to the islands.  A white cake with toasted shredded coconut and a coconut cream cheese frosting.



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This chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting and is sure to cure your chocolate craving!  Try it with the glaze for an extra special chocolate experience.



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Cookies & Cream

A chocolate cupcake with a cream filling center and a Oreo infused frosting creates one of Ohana’s customer favorite.



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Our decadent red chocolate cupcake topped with insanely good cream cheese frosting.



IMG_0326Gluten Free Lemon

You’d never guess this lemon cupcake with a lemon zest buttercream was Gluten Free.  It’s an amazing blend of tangy and sweet deliciousness.



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If you love maple donuts this is sure to be a favorite of yours. A pancake cupcake base, a maple buttercream frosting and Nutella filling to set it over the top.



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With its all natural cupcake and peanut butter topping it’s a special treat all dogs beg for.



Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Cupcakes

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This pineapple cupcake with mango pineapple frosting is a sweet treat.




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A rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and a peanut butter frosting… can you say yum?!?



Carlsbad Birthday Party Kids Party City Cupcakes Bakery Oceanside

Coffee Cake





Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday Cupcakes

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This sweet tropical cupcake has a delicious filling of Passion Fruit jam and Passion Fruit frosting.




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Imagine your favorite childhood lunch in a cupcake.  With its peanut butter frosting and Blackberry jam filling you will feel just like a kid again.



chocolatecupcakeChocolate Salted Caramel

This salty and sweet treat is quickly becoming an Ohana favorite, with its chocolate cake caramel buttercream frosting and sea salt and a chocolate dipped pretzel topping.



Cupcakes Vista Ca Carlsbad Cakes Bakery

Apple Pie

Calling all pie fans… this one is for you!  Our version of a dutch apple pie in a cupcake.  Try with a scoop of ice cream… you won’t regret it!





Gluten Free Lemon

You’d never guess this lemon cupcake with a lemon zest buttercream was Gluten Free.  It’s an amazing blend of tangy and sweet deliciousness.


Monthly Specials & Baker’s Choice

Stop in every month to see our Ohana Cupcakes special & follow us on social media to see our daily baker’s choice cupcake.

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